Sunday, 13 March 2011

Weekly weigh in and measurements!

This week has been very hard, I ve only made it to the gym once! Really bad, I know! I have managed to do lots of walking with the pram 2 days. My excuse is that my back and my ovaries have been extremly I thought there would b no loss!
I lost! -1lb measurements not much difference only like -0.1 in most places.

I wondered how could this be, when I had not been able to hardly exercise....I did still carry on eating healthy and following the rules I had set, but normally that is not enough alone. It must be the fact that I was not allowing myself to get hungry and grazing more this week! (body body was not storing as much fat!) Some days I know I dont eat enough, but this week I really made sure I did, but eating the right fatburning foods!

The graze packs I really enjoy and look forward to having them delivered. I dont have one every day, and snack on stuff I have in the cupboards- its not quite the same though! I am glad I came accross their offer!

The best Fat burning Foods

Sweet potato
Whey Protein
Aduki beans
Wholemeal bread

Combine them in the same meal and you have yourself a super fat burning meal!

This week I hope to be able to workout much more, and I am going to eat more grapefruit! I remembered from a previous diet I tried that eating grapefruit as a starter to your meals burns even more fat! Lets see if that works..... :)

Love, light and energy!

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