Sunday, 27 February 2011

OMG it has been far too long! much has happened:
I ve been pregnant again after fertility treatment, lost twins :(
and then a miracle happened, I fell pregnant again after 2 weeks with no treatment :) and now I ve had a baby boy! He is now 3 months old.
There is light at the end of the long tunnel for those like me with servere PCOD and recurrent miscarriages. I love being a mummy, my boy is just so perfect!

I was lucky while pregnant my symptoms of PCOD went away (just for the pregnancy now back again)and I stayed a nice size and only gained a bump and baby weight :) i just loved being pregnant.

Now I am trying to loose weight and inches as my new short term goal, then longer term I really want to tone back up and maintain a great figure. Also I need to get fit again almost a year with NO exercise, due to pregnancy complications.

So far I have cut out the junk foods, introduced fat burning foods and started back exercising 2-3 times a wk: Yoga, Swimming and last week swapped swimming for the gym and Zumba to step it up! I am taking things gradually to prepare for the hardcore diet and exercise plan! I ve been weighing and measuring myself and I lost a little at first. I MUST now start the next phase!

If you have not exercised for a long time and not eaten as healthy as you should, it really is best to ease into things to prep yourself before starting any hardcore slimming plans! Reasons:
- your more likely to suceed. Many people I know give up as it is too hard for them to stick to.
- your body will adjust easier as you make it harder in phases
- it never gets boring
- you keep challenging your body making it harder in phases burning more fat (if you stay at the same level the whole time your body gets used to it, and your body wont change as much after 6wks)

Phase 2
- I must exercise 4 times a wk! (hard with a new baby)
- Eat as many raw foods as possible
- Eat my evening meal before 7pm
- keep a food diary
- Walk with the pram instead of driving to places in town

From tomorrow I will introduce these rules............ I will update you on how things go

K x