Saturday, 21 January 2012

Eat more protein to help lose weight and tone

I was once a vegetarian and plumped up a little! Lol now I know why, eating protein burns fat as it takes longer for our body to process. This is why Atkins and south beach diet work so well for most people....but not for pcos women! High in saturated fat it can course our bodies to keep storing it.

If you serve yourself a larger portion of lean, low fat protein in every meal and eat protein snacks, you will be looking trim much faster.
Tell yourself 'I am not on a diet!'
'i am eating healthy to become me again'

Right this is what you can do to prepare to start right away:
1. Throw out any carby high sat fat snacks.
2. Write yourself a shopping list with only your healthy foods and drinks
3. Shop and plan your meals for the week
4. Exercise at least 3 times a wk 30mins plus.
5. treat yourself in other ways, trip to the beauty salon or spa, shopping mall trip with friends or Luxurious beauty products.
4. Weigh and measure yourself weekly.

Lean protein choices:
Low fat turkey breast or mince
Chicken breast
White fish
Seafood sticks
Fat free yogurt and fromage fraise
Extra light Philly
Extra light laughing cow triangles
Low fat turkey ham
Skimmed milk
Turkey sausage
Whey protein (maxitone)

Portions on a plate 40% Protein, 40% veg and 20% carbs.

Carbs such as sweet potato, rice, wholewheat pasta and wholemeal bread, known as low GI are best choices.

Sample menu

Poached egg and turkey bacon on a wholemeal slice of bread

Am snack
Fat free yogurt and 3 brazil nuts

Big Chicken salad with fat free dressing

Pm snack
4 seafood sticks and celery dipped in a mini tub of extra light Philly or protein shake (maxitone) prior to exercise.

Turkey mince chilli with aubergine, courgettes, onion and pepper and 2 table spoons of brown rice.

Cottage cheese with pineapple

This should fill you up if your still hungry a good thing to have prepared is sugar free jelly/jello in the fridge. I rotate my flavours raspberry, lime, orange etc you won't get bored of it then.

Try to see how your body changes by making these adjustments.

Big no no's!
Roast White potatoes, chips etc. Potato is like a sponge and soaks up all the fat! You can roast sweet potato in 1 cal spray olive oil with herbs or cut them into chips.
Cheese, too high in saturated fat for pcos women, stick to extra light Philly. You will thank me for it if you eat hard cheese daily, your skin will become clear and your waistline smaller just for cutting this product out of your diet.
Pork sausages omg the amount of saturated fat in one sausage is more than a pcos women should have in a day! I only ate the odd grilled sausage for a cooked breakfast, but my dietitian Told me to cut them out completely! I now eat turkey or veggi sausages if I fancy a grilled breakfast, such a big difference in the amount of fat and calories.

I hope this helps you like it has me. I wish I knew all about pcos and food long ago!

Good luck :)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Happy new year Dieters!!

So I was being good 90% of Christmas, so I have gained some weight and have a very untoned jelly belly!

I certainly need to get more active, and my back has been better over the Christmas period as I ve done some resting and been on leave from work. To loose the weight and tone, I have set myself daily at home exercises and I am going to swim 3 times a week and do an abs blast class once a week to start... As my back strengthens I will increase to adding in cross trainer and bike. I do recommended upper body weights for tonning!

I will be back on the maxitone program as i get more active having more lean protein to help my body tone! I long for a bikini body this year!

Pcos is a bitch! The weight piles on fast as soon as you stray from your healthy eating. This year I will be working on maintaining my weight, no yo-yoing!

1. Loose the Christmas weight
2. Tone up all over
3. Maintain

Here it goes....