Friday, 4 March 2011

Day 1-5 New Diet and Fitness plan PCOS

Hot Lemon water every morning before breakfast

Me 30 weeks Pregnant

Postnatal weight and inch loss......................Need to loose 1 stone now!

Day one Monday 28th Feb

Woke up early, little man still asleep I made myself a cup of boiled lemon water (freshly sqeezed lemon in hot water) i had melon for a light breakfast...........then to the gym while my husband looked after our baby. I did Treadmill powerwalk, cross trainer with arms, bike, upper body weights and abs.....I felt hard but good. Enjoyed it. Lunch- Hummous and red pepper and tomato wholemeal pitta, dinner- baked garlic and chilli salmon, brocolli, carrotts and brown rice. snacked on dried apricots and nuts I felt like i had so much energy till 10pm when i fell asleep on the sofa ooooppps! So far so good!

Day two

Busy busy busy day
food: plums, banana, chicken light cesar salad, turkey grilled cajun steak, sweet potato wedges with peas sweetcorn.
Exercise: long walk with pram and baby play group
Feelings: very hungry and dehydrated- need to drink more water need to snack more!

Day three
Tired no energy!
I hardly ate in the day, naughty naughty was too busy so grabbed fruit here and there and had an eve meal chicken wraps with peppers onions chilli spices, avacado and salad yum yum!
Exercise: same gym plan as monday

Day four
Feeling good :)
I didnt get to exercise :( my husband was out so no one to look after baby.
Food: plums- hullomi cheese grilled in a pitta with salad yum- peri peri hot chicken breast, rice and mixed vegs. Grazing snack pack!

Day five
So far a good day, I ve been out to a baby massage class and had a walk about.
Food: blueberries- prawn and avocado sushi (really loved it!) and for dinner I will have a weight watchers meal with extra veg. Grazing pack to snack on

Sunday will be the weekly weigh in and body measurements....keep posted
I will also share some fat burning reciepes with you

Something to keep you snacking healthy which i enjoy and keeps you feeling full through out the day and eve>>>

Live your life to the full


  1. the graze boxes are great :) Good luck with your plan x

  2. Yes they are such a great idea, I am so glad to find this offer.
    Thank you, I am preping myself for the real diet and fitness which I start in another 2 weeks time :) x