Wednesday, 28 December 2011

What is inside my Graze box today?

I have a weekly graze box delivered with 4 punnets of healthy snacks.... In today's box I have
Banoffe pie- almond slices, pecan nuts, banana coins and mini fudge pieces. Yum
Tomato dipinetti- tomato chutney with rosemary grissinetti.
Swallows and amazons- mango, jumbo rasins, cherries and brazil nuts.
Honeycomb crunch- sultanas, almonds and dark cocoa honey pieces. Yummy!

Click on the above link to get a free box if you would like to try... You can click on your likes and dislikes and make the box as healthy as you like! I ve been having a weekly delivery for almost a year now, and always have different punnets. I love them!

Here is a photo of today's box. Enjoy

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

New year.. New you! Get the body you want in 2012

The Maxitone plan has helped me lose weight and tone up fast even with pcos in the past! Click on the above for 40% off!

Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas fellow Dieters! Diet and fitness over the festive period

Tips to stop major festive weight gain..

Tins of chocolates and biscuits- ban them or have a cheeky 1 tiny choc or biscuit a day limit! Approx 100 calories each you can soon go over your days calorie limit!

Christmas dinner- enjoy everything, you can limit the portion of roasties, sausagemeat stuffing and pigs in blankets. Fill up on turkey, it is a superfood with fat burning! You burn calories eating turkey!

Buffets- go for the raw carrot and cucumber sticks, salsa dips are best as the creamy dips are high in fat. Cheese and crackers, Soft cheese is best, as hard cheese is too high in sat fat for pcos women. No no to sausage rolls and fill up on prawns,salad, devilled eggs and baked ham mmmm

Booze- yes it contains calories and 5 drinks can be your daily limit of calories! Lowest calorie is vodka with diet coke, most spirits are a good choice. I have a couple of rum and diet cokes which get me tipsy lol. If your a wine drinker you can alway half fill your glass with wine and top up with soda water and a couple of these will add up to approx 200 cals. After drinking, it can increase your appetite and you may find you end up eating very unhealthy foods, ie grabbing a take away on your way home! Or the next day hung over you grab anything to eat and keep eating all day to stop feeling rough! That's what happens to me, not sure if it is related to my pcos or if it is the norm with consuming alcohol??!

Get to the Gym, pool or classes as much as possible to keep off that mince pie belly!

Detox after the festive period is over! 1st Jan.... Detox day!
Happy new year everyone

Enjoy! X

Monday, 5 December 2011

Fast weight loss and PCOS is under control!

Yay! I ve lost the weight I regained and more!
I am so happy that after struggling with weight loss all these years with pcos, it does not seem as hard with the right diet. I ve tried every diet out there I think, and my dietitian must know what is best for pcos women, cos it works!

I 've lost a stone and a half in weight and my pcos symptoms are not bothering me much as when I weighed more. Here are my stats
5ft3inchs height
Before weight 9st 7lbs (struggled to maintain)
Today's weight 8st!
Waist now 26.5inches
Hips now 31inches
Dress size uk8!

It is so good to fit into my size 8 jeans again. I still don't look good in a bikini, and really need to tone up in areas. Due to my back injury I can only do light workouts still and not the hardcore classes yet :(

This is my typical days eating and drinking:

Breakfast: boiled water with a squeeze of lemon
2 table spoons of organic oat bran with 3 table spoons of skimmed milk (no fat) tea spoon of sweetener made into a porridge yum

Snack: herbal tea and a piece of fruit or fat free yogurt

Lunch: Edamme and aduki bean salad with tomatoes, cucumber and lettuce with a little fat free dressing.

Snack: herbal tea and 3 mini organic rice cakes.

Dinner: Cajun chicken breast with roasted sweet potato, aubergine, courgette, onion and tomatoes. Side salad.

Supper: if hungry before bed I have a boiled egg or fat free yogurt (protein)

I drink 5 glasses of water a day and take supplements which contain vitamins and aid weight loss.

I swim three times a week approx 36 lengths now and have physio exercises daily. Soon I can go back to the gym and do some cardio :)

I also have a 1 day detox weekly, due to being on medications long term and just to have a boost. I detox only on the days there is a change in the Luna cycle (known as the moon diet) the next one is on Saturday 10th December 2011. I drink fruit smoothies homemade and soup as well as extra water. This is my detox day-

Wake: boiled water with fresh lemon squeezed and a slice.
Breakfast: make a thin smoothy from blended 1 apple, 1 banana, 2 oranges, 1lemon squeezed, 1 table spoon of honey and fresh grape juice filled half way in the blender jug. This is very filling and I sometimes drink half then the rest an hour later
Lunch: more of the above
Afternoon tea: detox tea
Dinner: soup - fennel cabbage and vegetables homemade and blended. I add lots of garlic and herbs for flavour.
Before bed: boiled lemon water same as in the morning.

I don't find this hard when at home, but when it is a work day I just have to get up early to chop and blend!

I seem to lose 1lb in 1 day from this, so it is a good to add in once a week for this reason alone. I retain water and this is the easiest way to get rid of it. The moon helps to, due to the magnetic energy with the change in cycle. Why not join me on 10th Dec when I next will be on the detox, some ppl loose 5lb from it!

I am so so happy, just want to maintain and tone up now. If you have any questions feel free to leave comments or send me a private message.

Keep smiling :)