Saturday, 26 March 2011

PCOS ultrasound scan and weight loss plan update

Yesterday was my first pcos scan post pregnancy. I have lots of small cysts in my right ovary which go the whole way around it and my left ovary is still high up and imflammed. In pregnancy your ovaries move up when the womb expands. I ve got to go back in hospital monday to see the specialist with the scan results.

no weight loss this week :( no gain either :) I ve been so good with my plan until today, i didnt make it to the gym this morning. . . pain and swelling after being proded about yesterday! But food wise been very good and grazing most days.

Next week I start Maxitone (replaced maximucle women proxmax diet and fitness plan) which really worked for me before i was pregnant. I ve now prepared myself for it these past few weeks by easing myself back into fitness and dieting. Looking forward to it actually as I remember how good I felt on it aswell as the best results yet! Stay posted for my exercises, menu and sucess!

Fat burning breakfasts for you to try. .

Yogurt with fruit and veg?!
Yogurt (natural lowfat, no sugar is best) 2 table spoons, mixed with a handfull of red/black grapes and chopped thin pieces of celery. It is a good start to the day, and a quick tip wash your grapes and chop celery the night before put into a container, then add the yogurt in the morning.

Mini omlettes
Beat 2 eggwhites, 30mls skimmed milk, pinch of salt and pepper. Chop 2 tomatoes, 3 slices of waffer thin ham and 2 mushrooms. mix well and pour into a greased muffins tin. Bake in the oven. Have 2 egg muffin sizes omlettes, and save the rest to pop in the fridge for the next day or for snacking.

Give them a go, I love them!

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