Sunday, 6 March 2011

Weekly weigh in and measurements! (Post natal and PCOS sufferer)

SO I have been to the gym again yesterday and today! 4 days this week plus the walking with the pram up hill....I ache but it is a good feeling to be getting fit again :)

Weight loss this week -1.5lb
I have lost 0.25inches off each upper arm, and 0.5 inches from my tummy and hips, everything else is the same. So stepping things up has helped a great deal, this is not bad at all loss for me!

I ve been drinking more water, cut out all fizzy diet drinks and since thursday started to graze on healthy nuts, seeds and dried fruit through out the day. Since then my energy levels have improved as I know some days I was not eating enough at all!

The graze pack I ordered was great, I let it last me over 2 days though as there is quite a lot in them! I ve decided to order 2 a week so I have them 4days for the days I am not out of the house. I took advantage of the offer so got my 1st box free and next box which comes this week is half price £1.74.

When grazing, instead of your body storing sugar as fat it makes your metabolisim work hard which uses the sugars. I didnt get more PCOS cravings either! Also it helps stablize your insulin levels, which if your a PCOS sufferer you will know this keeps cysts under control! I have been getting my symptoms bad again the past few weeks (even had a cyst rupture 2 wks ago) so I am hoping now I ve started to grazing and not go long periods with out eating will help ease my symptoms :) I have a scan in 2 weeks time so will find out then.

The rocky road is my fav dark chocolate buttons with dried cranberries and peacan nuts. Fruit squash is also lovely, blueberries, mango and punkin much to try.

Live life to the full


  1. Well done, that is awesome. I know how hard it can be to work against PCOS weight gain. Keep up the good work. I hope next week goes well for you too. So which diet and fitness plan are you going to follow in 2 wks which your prepping yourself for?
    Is it the same one that worked for you before you were pregnant?
    Good Luck X

  2. Thank you :)
    What I am prepping for is the same diet and fitness plan as before 'Promax diet' by maximuscle really worked when i followed the eating and exercises from the little black dress pdf they did. I will upload it on here soon as I saved it. I had to stop it when pregnant, so really want to go back on it. x