Saturday, 30 April 2011

6 week Weight loss Challenge- Join me!

So I have been poorly for wks :( No proper dieting and exercise. . . but I am better now and went back to the gym and eating well. I lost a further 3lb from the virus bug as I hardly ate, but weighed myself this morning and it has gone straight back on!

I now have my supplies ready to start the plan I ve been prepping for :) Monday is the start of 6 weeks to a slimmer and toned me. . . wanna join me in my challenge? The more the merrier and we can keep motivated together PCOS suffers or not, anyone is welcome. I have the tools to help you get there.

Below is the weightloss diet and fitness plan i am following at 1200 calories per day:

the exercise and meal plans are on the above link. It worked for me previously but has since been renamed from Promax diet Maximuscle to Maxitone sculpturess.

My exercise timetable for the week ahead

Week One
Monday- Gym Weights then 40mins of Cardio
Tuesday- Rest
Wednesday- Rest
Thursday- Abs class followed by 30mins cardio
Friday- Aqua Areobics
Sat- Rest
Sun- Gym Weights and 40mins of Cardio

In 6 weeks time I have an outfit I want to fit me better as a little tight at the moment. So this is my goal to look good by then.
I will keep you posted and update you of my actual body measurements and weight by Vlogging and photos.

Lets fight the flab together!