Sunday, 9 October 2011

Every little helps! Exercise and diet blog

I ve not been able to be very active due to my back injury.....however I am loosing the weight I ve regained very gradually! :)

Physio have given me a plan to strengthen my back- breast stroke lengths(20) x3 a week, and a physio run core strength class x2 a wk. So even low impact exercise is helping :) I ve been recording my food and drink intake and keeping my sat fat low and calories under 1200 a day. I am loosing about 0.5-0.75 lb a week, which is not as much as what I was loosing when doing more high impact long workouts and the maxitone eating plan, but it shows you can loose weight when your injured or unwell with pcos...... Don't ever give up!

I am also feeling better for exercising again, swimming is great but warning- you feel hungry and tired after! I always do, think the clorine also has something to do with that. So be careful if you suffer from pcos cravings! The smell of chips in the cafe as you come out of the pool can be tormenting lol I have something ready at home that's healthy. Tip - what's your favourite healthy meal? Have that prepared so you look forward to eating it after your swim and avoid grabbing unhealthy processed food for quickness.

I don't have much time being a working mum to make snacks and meals as I am hungry..... So I get organised and plan my snacks and meals ahead, preparing them at times when my little one is asleep. If I pack a lunch and snacks for work I find I am eating what I should and don't find myself hungry. If I don't take my food to work, I get hungry and grab packets of food from the tuck shop and buy a lunch seems to look healthy but is higher calorie and sat fat than if I made it myself at home!

On the right road to weight loss...... Target 10lbs to go and 2inches to loose off my waist! Not too far to go now, and I can do it!

It is all worth it :)
K x

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