Monday, 19 September 2011

PCOS errrrr diet plan update

Sorry my blogga has been playing up and my posts were not publishing.

I am on my I phone blog app it is brill. So maxi tone went so well.... In July I weighed 8st 7lbs :) was so happy and looking more toned. Most ppl noticed how slimmer I was and commented on my almost flat tummy!

Was doing so well it was easy really, as once I was seeing the results It made me stick to the plan. I was loving the exercise I even swapped my classes for spin and boxing! Was good fun and best for fat burning. My size 10uk jeans were falling down and I got my size 8uk out of storage ;) been a very long time lol

I ve had a set back, I ended up in hospital with a back injury causing loss of function and numbness below the waist. I ve been resting and having rehab physio. I ve gained 7pm even though I am not eating much. Next week I am allowed to start swimming and I am going to use a calorie counter app to track my food and water intake. I will loose it got to be positive and keep focused. How is everyone else doing?

My pcos symptoms were improving when I lost the weight, now I ve regained some fast I have the acne, ovary pains and mood swings back as well as heavy bleeds :( bummer. But it shows getting your weight down to your ideal weight really does ease the symptoms. Scan coming soon

K x

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