Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas fellow Dieters! Diet and fitness over the festive period

Tips to stop major festive weight gain..

Tins of chocolates and biscuits- ban them or have a cheeky 1 tiny choc or biscuit a day limit! Approx 100 calories each you can soon go over your days calorie limit!

Christmas dinner- enjoy everything, you can limit the portion of roasties, sausagemeat stuffing and pigs in blankets. Fill up on turkey, it is a superfood with fat burning! You burn calories eating turkey!

Buffets- go for the raw carrot and cucumber sticks, salsa dips are best as the creamy dips are high in fat. Cheese and crackers, Soft cheese is best, as hard cheese is too high in sat fat for pcos women. No no to sausage rolls and fill up on prawns,salad, devilled eggs and baked ham mmmm

Booze- yes it contains calories and 5 drinks can be your daily limit of calories! Lowest calorie is vodka with diet coke, most spirits are a good choice. I have a couple of rum and diet cokes which get me tipsy lol. If your a wine drinker you can alway half fill your glass with wine and top up with soda water and a couple of these will add up to approx 200 cals. After drinking, it can increase your appetite and you may find you end up eating very unhealthy foods, ie grabbing a take away on your way home! Or the next day hung over you grab anything to eat and keep eating all day to stop feeling rough! That's what happens to me, not sure if it is related to my pcos or if it is the norm with consuming alcohol??!

Get to the Gym, pool or classes as much as possible to keep off that mince pie belly!

Detox after the festive period is over! 1st Jan.... Detox day!
Happy new year everyone

Enjoy! X

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