Friday, 5 June 2009

Promax crisp bars are awesome!

So do you snack in between meals? .....Well you should to keep your metabolism up. The part I find hard is what do I snack on when I am at work or out an about. I am too busy to prepare anything, so I end up sometimes being bad and grabbing a bag or Quavers or a milky way!

I used to think that Quavers and Milky Way bars were a good choice of 'bad snack' as they are low calories. I have now learnt that 50% of those calories are 'Fat Calories' which the body stores and does not use! They raise your sugar levels, but are quickly followed by a low, which is a pointless snack.

To loose weight and tone up, you need to snack on light protein like cottage cheese, boiled egg, soya yogurt. It's hard to carry these around with you, so I am now so pleased that I have Promax Crisp bars to pop in my bag. They are only 84 calories and high in light protein.

I ordered mine online by the bulk after I tried one of my friends. Buy 3 boxes get the 4th free is the offer on at the moment, me and my friend went halves and got 2 boxes each. I find them quite yummy, and it seems to keep me full till my next meal.

You don't need to be following the Promax diet to have these snack bars, but I do for fast results. I ve now lost another 5lb this week and I look slimmer and toned around my middle. I am going to measure myself this weekend to see how much inch loss I now have!

Maximuscle say:
These delicious protein-rich crisp bars are small in size but big on nutrition and massive on taste. Light and easy to eat, Promax Crisp Bars are low in calories, carbohydrate and fat. This makes them perfect for anyone on a low-carb or low fat diet. More exciting still, each bar is smothered in a delicious layer of smooth dark chocolate, letting you satisfy your chocolate cravings without feeling guilty! Enriched with fibre and high- quality whey protein, Promax Crisp Bars will also make it easier for you to control your appetite.
If you feel hungry when you leave the house in the morning because you're too busy to eat breakfast... if you're too busy to eat a healthy diet... if you're always snacking on cakes and biscuits... then Promax Crisp Bars are for you!

How should I use it?
Some like to start their day with a Promax Crisp Bars. You can also use it as a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, as an easy way to boost the protein content of a meal, or to give your muscles an extra hit of protein before you go to bed.
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I rate these bars 10/10!
If you want to know what you should be eating for your goals click on the below link:


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