Monday, 1 June 2009

Ministry of sound music and pump it up dvds

I just got the 2 above ablums from Minstry of Sound. I ve not bought myself any cd in ages, and thought that I deserve a treat after working out so hard!

I like the Anthems II album to listen to on my ipod while working out, it has some great classics and the songs bring back good memories. I ve now also got the CD in the car, it is a 3 disc album, so you cant get bored with it. I give this album 10/10

The Chilled album I like to play when I am in the bath to relax to and when I meditate. Some of the tracks I have on my ipod workout playlists, for a cool down. 9/10

I got both CDs together with a free tin of Ministry of Sound 'Chill Pills' (basically mints in a MOS tin) all for £15 free p & p. Now I ve noticed there is an even better offer 3 albums for £20 and free p & p! My CDs arrived the following day and packaged well. The MOS site has excellent offers on CDs, the cheapest I ve ever seen as I normally buy from or amazon. I think I will buy all my workout music from MOS from now on. There are some priced at £10 for 2 double/triple albums.

Another tip for choosing workout music, look for the FF (fitness friendly) sign on the album. This indicates that the whole albums tempo and beats are good for exercise to. My fitness instructor told me this, and i ve since noticed on a few of my MOS albums that it has this sign on the back.

Pump It Up Dvds

I own all the Pump It Up Dvds, I got addicted from when the very first one was released after the 'Call on me' video. I met the girls from the first 2 dvds at the Vitaliy Show and Fitness Expo in London where they were promoting the dvds. The girls did live demos and it inspired me at the time to get fit and toned again, those girls had fab bodies and I just wanted to look like them!
If your looking for a home fitness DVD this range is so much fun, and for only £6.99 each and free delivery from the below website, its excellent value for money!

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